Redefining the face of STEM

Empowering Girls in STEM

Promoting diversity and inclusiveness in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our Girl Powered Program is a devoted project that motivates and empowers females to pursue STEM education and jobs. We want to break down barriers and foster a future in which girls feel strong and capable in STEM subjects by offering interesting seminars, mentorship opportunities, and hands-on activities.

Why Girl Powered ?

Inspiring Role Models

Our initiative links girls with amazing female STEM role models who share their experiences and accomplishments, demonstrating that STEM success is achievable.

Hands-On Workshops

We provide hands-on seminars where girls learn about STEM ideas in a fun way. We encourage curiosity and creativity via robotics contests and coding courses.

Mentorship Opportunities

Mentorship is an important component of our curriculum. Girls can be mentored by women who have excelled in STEM fields, giving guidance, advice, and support.

Career Exploration

We offer insight into various STEM careers, from engineering to computer science, exposing girls to the wide range of possibilities within STEM fields.

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