Donation Drive Ignites STEM Education in Atiwa West District, Ghana

Our Field Operations team, led by our Co-founder and Executive Director Seth Ogoe Ayim, PMP, MPA, MACS-CP, IP3, CITIP, STEM Expert, embarked on a transformative mission to the Atiwa West District of the Eastern Region in Ghana. Their objective: to empower education by donating 24 desktop computers fully equipped with virtual STEM, Computer Science, Robotics, and AI Labs, along with Elevate the Science of Reading software. These valuable resources are poised to revolutionize the teaching and learning experience for over 3000 students in the Atiwa district, fostering a passion for STEM and cultivating lifelong learning habits.

During their visit, the team engaged with key stakeholders, including the District Director, Deputy Director of Monitoring and Supervision, and the Coordinator of Early Childhood and Girl Child Education. Representatives from Asunafo D/A, Kwabeng Zion, and Semekoblase Basic Schools were also present, alongside their students and teachers, showcasing the collaborative effort to advance education in the district.

The District Director of Ghana Education Service (GES) and his team extended their heartfelt appreciation for the generous donation, affirming their commitment to maximizing the impact of the equipment for the benefit of learners. As a testament to this dedication, three STEM, Robotics, and Reading Clubs were established, underscoring the district’s proactive approach to nurturing a culture of innovation and literacy.

Bountiful Technologies Ltd and Bountiful STEM Educational Foundation have been instrumental in driving educational initiatives in the Atiwa West District since 2019. Their efforts have included training over 300 teachers, donating educational robotics and STEM kits worth over $20k, and hosting annual Girl Powered STEM workshops and robotics competitions. These endeavors have notably impacted over 700 girls, bridging gender disparities in STEM and computing careers and ensuring that no girl child is left behind.

Gratitude is extended to the dedicated individuals and organizations whose support made this initiative possible, including Jim Laudie, our US-based team, Selina Appiah and her team in Ghana, Samuel Ocloo, Frank Manu, Chet Harmer, Tyson Smith, Andy Hiatt, Eric Decker, Mike Laudie, CPA, Yaa Mcafene, Leonard Bagalwa, MBA, BS, David Rupper, Paul McKnight, Bill Wade, Mark Romney, Pat Bluth, Jason McKenna, Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business, VEX Robotics, Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, Utah Tech University, Reading Horizons, and all partners and donors.

This collaborative effort stands as a beacon of hope for the future of education in Atiwa West District, empowering students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.


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